Have you fallen in love with cycling? Do you wish you could feel more safe on the roads, or that you had more safe places to ride off the roads? Here at UpstateCycleLink we firmly believe that when someone begins to love cycling, they begin to advocate for cycling. You can make changes in your community that support riders; check out these nonprofits and advocacy groups to see how.

Bike Walk GreenvilleBike Walk Greenville is a nonprofit group advocating for development and improvement of pedestrian and bicycling opportunities in Greenville County. Their mission promotes the importance of healthy, safe, equitable transportation and recreation options within the County. Want some input into greenway design in your community? Check out their fantastic interactive map of potential greenway development sites, and get involved in helping Greenville County attain designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community.
On the web: www.bikewalkgreenville.org/
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/BikeWalkGville

LiveWell Greenville

LiveWell Greenville is a coalition of local private, public, and nonprofit organizations focused on making life better for cyclists and pedestrians in the Greenville metropolitan area. Founded by the Piedmont Health Care Foundation, LiveWell Greenville takes a holistic and community-wide approach to health and wellness, creating a local culture and environment conducive to healthy lifestyles. Initiatives include healthier foods in schools, improved access to parks, and more safe places to walk and bike.
On the web: www.livewellgreenville.org/
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/LiveWellGreenville

Palmetto Cycling Coalition

Palmetto Cycling Coalition advocates for cyclists and bike-related infrastructure all over South Carolina. The Coalition (or PCC) works to make South Carolina a bicycle-friendly state by focusing on improved safety and ease of access for cyclists, as well as educating citizens on “the value and importance of bicycling for healthy lifestyles and communities.” “Share The Road” license plates provide a major source of funding for PCC’s advocacy work, and let you fly the flag even when you have to use four wheels instead of two: for information on license plates, see the PCC website.
On the web: palmettocycling.org
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/palmettocycling

Upstate Forever Bicycle AdvocacyUpstate Forever promotes sensible growth and protects special places in the Upstate area of South Carolina, envisioning an environmentally healthy and economically prosperous region through multiple program areas. UF’s Sustainable Communities program focuses on multimodal transportation planning, livable community design, and the popular new bike share program, B-Cycle. Projects include improving bicycle infrastructure on otherwise auto-centric roads, improving connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians across Greenville County, and implementing bike- and pedestrian-friendly community development standards in Spartanburg County. (B-Cycle is also listed on our Businesses page.)
On the web: upstateforever.org
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/UpstateForever

Many active cycling clubs include advocacy as a major focus of their work, and are also listed in greater detail on our Clubs page:

The Greenville Spinners’ advocacy works closely with Bike Walk Greenville, generally focusing on roadways, municipal road treatments & policies, and coordinating with the state Department of Transportation.

Upstate SORBA’s advocacy work focuses on expanding, improving, and maintaining off-road trails, as well as supporting positive relationships between landowners, cyclists, and other trail users.